NCT DREAM’s Jeno And Haechan Were Caught Off Guard By A Clothing Mishap

It happened so quickly.

At the 11th Gaon Chart Music Awards, NCT DREAM did more than accept their award for Top Kit Seller Of The Year. Haechan and Jeno encountered an unexpected clothing mishap that caught attention for their reactions.


When the group stepped on stage to begin their acceptance speech, Haechan took the lead by moving toward the microphones. Along the way, he ran into an unexpected problem.

Haechan passed by Jeno so closely that the fancy beads on their jackets stuck together, briefly pulling Jeno along for the ride.

Although it had been so sudden, both of them handled it pretty smoothly. Despite his initial surprise, Jeno was a total professional. He pulled away so quickly that fans voiced how cute his reaction had been.

On the flip side, Haechan reacted cooly by taking the trophy and beginning the speech as if nothing unplanned happened. It wasn’t the only time their stage outfits caused an amusing moment at the show.

When Jeno and Mark were standing close enough for their jackets to get stuck together as well, Jeno knew exactly what to do. Looking down, Jeno calmly used a hand to separate their jackets in one quick move.

The boys showed they were truly experienced by how quickly and smoothly they handled the unexpected mishap.