NCT DREAM’s Jeno And Haechan Go Viral For Their Steamy AF Choreography, Leaving NCTzens Shook

“I’m going to pass out.”

NCT DREAM recently held their hugely successful concert THE DREAM SHOW 2: IN A DREAM, and there has been no shortage of iconic moments—not least of which was one between Jeno and Haechan.



The concert was a long time coming, and luckily, it was everything that both NCTzens and the members could ask for. It was held at Jamsil Olympic Stadium, which, with a capacity of up to 70k, is the largest venue in South Korea.

“THE DREAM SHOW 2: IN A DREAM” poster | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

The concert, which was held over the course of two nights, was so memorable that the members started going viral even before it began.

But of course, the actual performances were more than worthy of being viral. While NCT DREAM had NCTzens stunned throughout the show, there was one stage that gained special attention, and that was the “Quiet Down” stage. Among the numerous sexy moments throughout the concert…

…this particular stage was a standout. With three of the members performing inside glass cages, the choreography had fans hooked from the beginning, especially Jeno and Haechan’s performance!

The two members went hard with the steamy choreography, leaving everyone absolutely shook…

So much so that, there’s more than one viral clip of it! A moment in the choreography in which Haechan kissed the glass where Jeno was proved to be too much to handle for NCTzens.

It reminded some of a comment made by Chenle earlier this year, which in hindsight proved to be hilariously prophetic…

…while others admitted to their feelings about the performance with the best memes.

This was truly a concert to remember, and it’s safe to say Jeno and Haechan did their part in making sure of it!

Watch more of the performance on the following link.

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