NCT DREAM’s Jeno Proves He Is The Ultimate Fashion Icon With His Expensive Airport Fit — Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like Him

“New York Fashion Week gig aside, Jeno really is the most stylish…”

NCT DREAM made their way to Indonesia for the 2022 Korean Wave event, and Jeno‘s airport fit once again proved he is the ultimate fashion icon.


After he went viral as the first K-Pop idol to open a show at New York Fashion Week, there is no doubt that Jeno is a significant name in the world of fashion.

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In fact, as he walked the runway for designer Peter Do, it was clear that Jeno was practically born to be a model.


So it’s no surprise that he is once again shocking fans with his flawless airport fashion—and with its cost. Jeno and his members arrived at Incheon Airport each dressed in their own individual style. Jaemin, for example, was seen wearing his signature casual look…


…with a very Jaemin-like message.

And as expected of the two besties, Jeno and Jaemin looked very much like twins…

…leading fans to laugh at the difference between their dark vibes and Renjun‘s bright look.

But while Jaemin chose a comfortable outfit, Jeno wore a slightly more dressed-up look. He arrived at the airport wearing a leather jacket, Alexander McQueen shirt and boots paired with dark skinny jeans, a Prada hat and bag, and his luxury Audemars Piguet watch.

All in all, it was an expensive look: collectively, Jeno’s outfit costs more than $5000.

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While all the members of NCT DREAM have their own flawless sense of style, NCTzens are praising Jeno for being a true fashion icon.

And for his flawless natural visuals, of course!

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NCT’s Jeno Makes His Runway Debut At New York Fashion Week, Driving Netizens Wild With His Daring Fit