NCT’s Jeno Makes His Runway Debut At New York Fashion Week, Driving Netizens Wild With His Daring Fit

“Runway Jeno” is one for the history books.

NCT‘s Jeno is the first K-Pop idol to open a show at New York Fashion Week, and his runway debut has been driving netizens wild!

Jeno | @leejen_o_423/Instagram

Jeno already had all eyes on him after attending Vogue World, the celebration of Vogue‘s 130th anniversary. He not only managed to gather plenty of new A-list celebrity friends, but he had even a security guard and a photographer mesmerized by his unreal visuals.

| @debbiew/Instagram

His runway debut, however, has managed to surpass that, leaving fans everywhere absolutely shook. Jeno opened designer Peter Do‘s fashion show, proving once again that an NCT and Peter Do collaboration will always be gold.

Jeno (left) and Peter Do (right) | @leejen_o_423/Instagram

The designer chose to dress Jeno in a striking outfit that consisted of a loosely open white shirt, an elegant black suit jacket, wide black silk pants, and a pair of impressive platform heels.


Except, unlike his outfit forVogue World, his runway look did not expose his chest and abs. Instead, it revealed his back and legs through daring cutout slits.

| @nct/Instagram 

The look was an instant hit and has since been on the receiving end of much enthusiastic praise.

NCTzens also couldn’t help joking that Jeno is, in fact, “bringing sexy back.”

They’re definitely not wrong, as Jeno’s backless suit also elicited the funniest response from SHINee‘s Key, whom Jeno recently collaborated with. Key hilariously joked about where all the real work happened…and it’s hard not to agree!

Overall, Jeno’s insanely successful runway debut proves just how hard he has been working this year, especially considering he performed in NCT DREAM‘s huge concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium only a few days ago (where he also went viral). NCTzens have been expressing how proud they are of his achievements…

…and hoping to see much more of “model Jeno” in the future, since Jeno himself is looking forward to repeating the experience.

A very well-deserved congratulations to Jeno on his runway debut!

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