NCT’s Jeno Leaves The Locals Mesmerized By His Unreal Visuals At “Vogue World” Event, Including A Photographer And A Security Guard

They couldn’t have been more relatable.

NCT‘s Jeno served such unreal visuals at the Vogue World event in New York that he left everyone completely mesmerized, including a (very relatable) photographer and a security guard.

| @leejen_o_423/Instagram

Jeno is currently in New York to open designer Peter Do‘s fashion show at New York Fashion Week, making him the first K-Pop idol to do so. On September 13, he attended Vogue World, a celebration of Vogue magazine’s 130th anniversary.

His appearance there quickly proved he was the main event as he collected celebrities left and right. And as fan-taken images and videos of him spread, his flawless visuals IRL went viral.

This was in no small part due to his eye-catching outfit…

| @leejen_o_423/Instagram

An outfit that easily turned him into the main attraction.

As such, one of the photographers who was present at the event can be forgiven for having gotten well and truly distracted.

In fact, NCTzens couldn’t help but commiserate with her…

…since, after all, she was far from alone! A screenshot from NCT’s Instagram story also happened to show a security guard staring at Jeno with a smile as he passed by, while fans eagerly snapped more pictures from behind her. NCTzens naturally related to her too.

Jeno clearly had everyone mesmerized at Vogue World.

Even other photographers also confirmed that his visuals in person just hit differently!

Jeno hasn’t even walked the runway yet, but he’s already conquering New York Fashion Week!