NCT DREAM’s Renjun Flashed His Abs, And No One Was Ready

He gave everyone something spicier than “Hot Sauce”.

During one of NCT DREAM‘s concerts, Jeno and Jaemin gave fans a welcome surprise when they flashed their abs. Thanks to a performance of “Hot Sauce”, everyone discovered Renjun was another member who had been hiding an impressive set of abs.

| nct_dream/Instagram

When the group performed “Hot Sauce” on Show! Music Core, Renjun proved he deserved the lead dancer position with his graceful yet powerful moves that left many impressed.

Since their energetic dancing often moves clothes out of place, fans noticed that Renjun’s t-shirt had become untucked from his pants. It ended up causing a moment that many weren’t ready for.

As Renjun went to do a turn, his t-shirt lifted just enough for everyone to get a glimpse of his toned abs.

The moment was so surprising that thousands of fans weren’t ready to process it.

Funnily enough, it helped fans get one step closer to solving one of the group’s mysteries.

Since Chenle once said that all of them have abs except for one member, it looks like Renjun is one of the members who can be crossed off the list.

No matter how long it takes to solve the mystery, it’ll be worth enjoying with surprise ab reveals like Renjun’s.

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Catch a glimpse of the abs Renjun’s been hiding away here.


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