NCT Dream’s Renjun Reveals Maknae Jisung’s New Drinking Habits

Jisung turns into a different person after drinking.

NCT Dream celebrated their maknae Jisung becoming an adult with a bang. They held an entire ceremony that started with their rooftop fight and went on to popping his first bottle of champagne.

Since all the members are finally able to have a drink together, Renjun revealed how Jisung acts after knocking back a lot of drinks.


During Renjun’s latest live broadcasts, an NCTzen asked if Jisung had any particular drinking habits. He revealed that Jisung shows a different side of himself that everyone’s not used to seeing.

While Jisung is typically on the cold side, his warm side comes out in full force. “He was very cute. He’s not usually like that.

Jisung wasn’t afraid to show off his aegyo and shower his members with kisses.

Jisung was so affectionate that he would plant a kiss on any part of them he could reach.

At the end of it all, Jisung wasn’t a hassle at all to put to bed. It was one of the moments where the maknae-line listened to their hyungs. “He also sleeps if we tell him to go to sleep.

Jisung may put up a cold front on the outside, but he’s just an affectionate cinnamon roll on the inside—which he sets free after many drinks.