Actress Kim Sae Ron Drops Out Of NCT Jaehyun’s Upcoming Drama, “Dear. M”

Here’s the reason why.

It was previously reported that NCT‘s Jaehyun would be taking on his first acting role in Playlist Studio‘s latest creation, Dear. M. With a star-studded cast including CLC‘s Eunbin and fresh-faced actors Park Hye Soo and Bae Hyun Sung, anticipations were high.

Kim Sae Ron, who had appeared in previous seasons of Love Playlist as Seo Jimin, was set to reprise her role as the popular queenka of Seoyeon University. However, it was reported by drama representatives that due to a difference in opinions, she had left the drama after discussions.

| Playlist Studios

Her agency, Dear. M has also stated that she had left the drama due to a difference in opinions. Kim Sae Ron will still be cheering on the drama while considering other drama works.

NCT’s Jaehyun | Hankyung

Dear. M is set to air in 2021 on KBS2 TV, a first for the web drama series. It is about an anonymous poster, M, and the students that set out to find his identity.

Source: Star Today


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