Fans React Hilariously To NCT Jaehyun’s Kiss Scene In K-Drama “Dear. M”

Spain without the ‘S’.

Drama Dear. M finally managed to air via OTT platform VIKI after a series of unfortunate incidents that resulted in it being delayed for more than a year. Originally scheduled for February 2021, the female lead, Park Hye Su was embroiled in bullying accusations which led to KBS2 canceling its air. Finally, after being put on hold for the rest of the year, fans finally got to watch NCT‘s Jaehyun first leading role in June 2022.

Around the three-quarter mark of the drama, fans got to witness Jaehyun’s first kiss scene. His character, Cha Min Ho, leans in for a kiss after confessing his feelings to his best friend. His bestie, Ma Joo A, also admits she has feelings for him. In a heart-stopping moment, they lean in for a kiss.

Fans have been reacting in a multitude of ways to the kiss scene. While some are anticipating the other members’ reactions to the kiss scene…

…others are sobbing in pain.

Some have even playfully refused to continue watching the drama.

I cannot stand to watch my son’s kiss scene any longer. It’s so not fun at all. I will drop off of Dear. M.

— @clubantibutler

Other NCTzens are rejoicing over the fact that Jaehyun knows how to put the moves on a girl.

Others are in just as much pain as we are.

The clip of the kiss scene uploaded on Twitter has gained over a million views in just a matter of a few hours. While the scene may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly proves that Jaehyun is a rising star in the world of acting!