NCT Jaemin’s “Make a Wish” Hair May Look Simple, But There’s A Special Reason Behind It

NCT’s hair stylist: “It didn’t look special at all, but…”

Compared to many other members’ hairstyles in NCT U‘s “Make a Wish” music video, Jaemin‘s bleached locks look pretty tame. However, the group’s hair stylist recently revealed the special reason they chose the style.

Since NCT U is one of the group’s rotational units, members can come and go at any time. This year, Jaemin made his NCT U debut as part of “Make a Wish (Birthday Song)”.

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While many of the hairstyles in “Make a Wish” were particularly unique—such as Taeyong‘s multicolored ‘do—Jaemin’s was relatively simple. He appeared in the music video and subsequent music show stages with side-parted platinum blonde locks. But while his hairstyle may not seem like it had as much thought put into it as other members’, there’s actually a special reason behind the look.

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In a new Dare U Naeju YouTube video, NCT’s hair stylist Park Naeju explained that Jaemin’s hairstyle is all about growth. Before joining NCT U, Jaemin’s primary role has been as a member of NCT Dream—the group’s youth-themed unit.

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For NCT Dream concepts, the 20-year-old has always shown off a boyish charm.

However, NCT U’s “Make a Wish” has a much more mature theme. As such, Park Naeju wanted to help Jaemin “escape from the boyish image”. To do so, they decided to sweep his hair away from his forehead in a more grown-up style. It actually took the team 20 to 30 minutes of brushing to create the “voluminous texture“.

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The veteran hair stylist did admit that the hairstyle “didn’t look special at all“, but once you know the reason behind it, the team’s choice makes perfect sense. And the style definitely did its job—Jaemin looks more mature than ever and ready to take on anything.

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Source: 내주제에 Dare U Naeju (YouTube)