SM Entertainment States NCT’s Jisung Will Not Be Performing On Stage Due To Knee Injury

SM Entertainment released a formal statement.

SM Entertainment just released a formal statement regarding NCT‘s Jisung‘s knee injury and his upcoming plans with the group.

According to the statement, Jisung is currently undergoing treatment following a knee injury he suffered earlier this year during practice.

As such, SM Entertainment stated that after speaking with Jisung, they have decided that he will no longer participate in stage performances for the time being.

They concluded that they will continue to put his treatment first above all else.

Read SM Entertainment’s full statement below:

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

This is a statement for fans regarding Jisung’s activities.

Jisung is currently undergoing treatment for a knee injury he suffered this year during practice.

We’ve come to the conclusion that in his current state, movements including performing on stage will be difficult, so after discussing the matter with Jisung, we’ve decided that he will not participate in any stage activities in the near future.

We ask fans for their understanding, and since the recovery of our artists comes first, we will put all of our effort into his treatment.

Thank you.

— SM Entertainment