NCT’s Jungwoo Finally Explains The Meaning Behind His Instagram Account Username

Did you figure it out?

NCT‘s Jungwoo recently opened his personal Instagram. He’s the last out of the NCT 127 members to set up a personal account. Created on April 1, 2022, many assumed that it was an April Fool’s joke at first. He later confirmed that it was him through Dear. U Bubble.

NCT Jungwoo’s Instagram account. | @sugaringcandy/Instagram

The other NCT 127 members’ accounts are all named after themselves. This led NCTzens to wonder just what “sugaringcandy” means.

All the NCT 127 members’ accounts (not pictured is Doyoung‘s @do0_nct account) named using their names. | @sugaringcandy/Instagram

Jungwoo took to Dear. U Bubble to explain the name. The reason was rather simple! He had always been using similar usernames back in his schooling days where he played online games. He also liked that it was an uncommon name.

Jungwoo explaining his username. | @urmyzeus/Twitter

Sugaringcandy is really a rare username. There’s no other account [like that] LOL. Even when I used to play Maple Story, I’d use nicknames with two or three characters LOL. Something like somsatang (cotton candy) haha. It’s just something I thought of and when I asked the people around me, they said that it was uncommon haha. They said it matched me to a T and it’s not just cutesy but also trendyyyyyy even.

— Jungwoo

We have to say that it does suit him perfectly! The sweet and cutesy name matches with his lovely image.

Jungwoo as MC for Music Core. | MBC

With his natural aegyo, we can’t think of a better username for him!

Jungwoo’s natural cuteness coming out during a promotional video for Nature Republic. | Nature Republic 

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