NCT’s Jungwoo Proves He Is A Major Stan Attractor As Netizens Who Met Him IRL “Expose” His True Personality

Staff members everywhere have a lot to say about him…

NCT‘s Jungwoo is a certified ‘stan attractor’ as netizens who met him IRL expose his real personality.

NCT’s Jungwoo | @sugaringcandy/Instagram

Jungwoo is arguably one of the group’s most prominent ‘ace‘ members. Not only is he an impressive singer and dancer, but he also has a charisma and sense of humor that make him a naturally gifted comedian (and MC!).

| @nct/Instagram

Of course, Jungwoo also has some impressive visuals to complete the package; recently Jungwoo collaborated with Cartier for his first-ever solo magazine spread, resulting in some steamy pictures that NCTzens were just not ready for.

(Although Yuta did warn everyone…)

Yet, it’s not just Jungwoo’s sculpted visuals or even his endless talent that makes him a stan attractor. A netizen recently shared their experience meeting him in person, only to find themselves becoming a fan after witnessing not only his “amazing physique,” but also his bright and charming personality.

The netizen explained that back then they used to work at a bakery where NCT 127 was to shoot content.

There, they saw Jungwoo, who immediately left an impression with his physical appearance…as well as with the easy way he joked with the bakery’s owner.

Jungwoo put everyone at ease, even poking some fun at Jaehyun as they appreciated the macarons they had received from the bakery. He left a lasting impression with his politeness!

But this is not the first time someone has come forward to ‘expose’ Jungwoo’s bright and kind personality. Staff have reported similar experiences with him, if not even more touching ones. A staff member once claimed that not only did Jungwoo personally come to help her when she accidentally dropped a stack of papers, but he also remembered her later on, even cracking a joke.

Similarly, a staff member took note of Jungwoo for being particularly polite to staff at SBS‘s Gayo Daejeon, even though they didn’t know who he was at the time.

Jungwoo leaves a wonderful impression everywhere he goes with his kindness and polite manners…

…which is why each story about him makes his fans consistently proud to support him.

And seeing as he seems to make new fans every time he charms someone, it’s safe to say Jungwoo is a certified stan attractor!