NCT’s Kun And Chenle React To Their Nicknames Of “Teddy Bear”

They gave their opinions on being called “teddy bear”!

NCT‘s Kun and Chenle are now part of the “teddy bear” line, and they had things to say about it!

On the latest episode of Welcome To Sun&Moon, Haechan and Taeil welcomed Kun and Chenle as the “soft and cute teddy bear” members!

After calling them the “teddy bear line” (including Haechan) Taeil asked them their thoughts about their latest nicknames!

You are the teddy bears of your teams. Tell us how you feel about it?


Kun then revealed that although he had thought of himself as a teddy bear initially, his members totally vetoed that idea!

[At first] I didn’t know I was the teddy bear of the team. In the beginning, I said I was the teddy bear in the team…But all my members said, “You are not a teddy bear. You are a cute pig.”

But I’m now certain I’m a teddy bear.


Chenle also opened up about having a difficult time completely adapting to this image of a teddy bear!

Honestly, I didn’t know it either. I think NCTzen just told me I’m cute, so I think I became that.


As a follow-up question, Haechan asked the two if there’s an animal that they feel they resemble more than a bear, to which Kun revealed that he actually prefers being called a cute pig!

There’s the Chinese zodiac, right? I was born in the year of the pig. So actually, a cute pig is not bad!

Teddy bear is fine, but cute pig is fine too!


And Chenle revealed that he wouldn’t mind looking like a penguin, because he thinks they’re cute!

Personally, I think penguins are cute!


You can watch the whole episode here!


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