NCT’s Lucas Updates His Social Media For The First Time Since His Controversy

It is the first time since August 2021.

NCT‘s Lucas had previously fallen into controversy back in August 2021 when an alleged ex accused him of using her for money and cheating on her. Flames were fanned when other alleged exes began to step up and claim that the same thing happened to them.

To recap what had gone down, the ball got rolling when a first alleged ex stepped up and claimed that while they had broken up amicably at first, things went south when he continued to contact her after the first break up.

He allegedly would visit her at hotels or at her house during his days off. She claimed that he asked her to pay for everything whenever they would meet. He allegedly told her that he could not use his card because he didn’t want to get caught out as a celebrity.

He gaslit me by saying that there was no one else who was able to understand him… Everytime, he only came to the hotel, ate room service, slept, and left. The moment we checked out, he cut off contact and drew the line with me by saying it was uncomfortable. Without a single thanks, he acted as if it was a given that I should pay.

— First alleged ex to step up

A second alleged ex stepped up to claim that she bought him luxury gifts at his request but he cheated on her still.

Alleged receipts of luxury goods and chat logs from Lucas uploaded by the alleged second ex.

Requesting Gifts: Before coming over to my place, he used the excuse of not bringing enough clothes and asked me to buy him some. He specifically requested the brands, Sain* and Balen*, and said he didn’t like the brand Bur*  (A brand that he had a business deal with at that time).

— Alleged second ex

Following this, a third alleged ex-girlfriend claimed that he cheated on her.

I never thought he’d be with another girl that same night after returning to Seoul even in that condition. After we had sexual relations, I asked him about him secretly messaging another fan.

— Third alleged ex to step up

Lastly, a 4th alleged ex stepped up to air her feelings about Lucas and the situation after a wakeboarding coach defended Lucas. The coach had uploaded screenshots of a friendly conversation with Lucas that had coincided with the time the 4th alleged ex was allegedly in a relationship with Lucas.

Fast forward to today, on February 9, 2022, Lucas updated his social media for the first time in close to 5 months. He simply uploaded a black and white photograph of the sea and the sun with no caption.

Fans have been leaving supportive messages on his post, asking him to come back.

After the controversy, he had apologized to fans and the public, then disappeared from the public eye. He was nowhere to be seen in official merchandise or in comebacks. Many fans speculate that this may be Lucas’s first step in trying to return to the public eye.