NCT’s Mark Surpasses EXO’s Kai, To Become The Male K-Pop Idol With The Most Viewers On Instagram Live


NCT‘s Mark may have just freshly created his Instagram account but he is already killing it! The young star surpassed his EXO hyungs to become the male K-Pop idol with the most viewers on an Instagram live stream!

Mark’s 10 minute live stream hit 326,000 viewers, racking up an insane number in such a short time.

| @oohsekai/Instagram

Previously, the record was held by EXO‘s Kai with 234,000 viewers, and Sehun with 210,000 viewers.

| @kaischarts/Twitter

Mark’s 10 minute long Instagram live on February 3, 2021 featured fellow members Johnny and Doyoung in the same car as him, and also connected with Jaehyun and Haechan for a few minutes, through a combined live screen. The live stream featured fun moments such has him trying on various funny filters.

Catch more of Mark’s adorable antics at @onyourm__ark on Instagram!


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