NCT’s Mark Responds To Concerns That SM Entertainment Is Overworking Him Following “NCT Nation” Announcement

His schedule has plans each month for the rest of the year.

Even outside NCT‘s fanbase, Mark Lee is one of the most well-liked idols in the K-Pop industry.

NCT’s Mark Lee | W Korea

Because of this, many eyes are on Mark, and concern for his packed schedule has grown enough that he seems to have addressed fans’ worries.

Over the last year, fans have consistently complained to SM Entertainment about Mark and Haechan‘s schedules.  The two juggled tours, album releases, and promotions for NCT DREAM and NCT 127 from September to February.

| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

After completing their Seoul encore concerts, NCT DREAM will head to Latin America in July to finish their world tour. The group are also set to release their next full album in the same month after “Broken Melodies,” a pre-release, comes out in June.

According to the schedule released by SM Entertainment when it announced the departure of Sungchan and Shotaro from the group, NCT’s next full-unit album will be released in August, with the recently announced NCT Nation concerts happening in that month and in September.

In October, NCT 127’s next album is scheduled to be released, and both subunits Mark and Haechan are in will be active in November.

| SM Entertainment

NCT Nation is likely to be a tiring concert for the two as they will participate in both subunits’ performances and several of the NCT U mixed line-ups.

The same day the NCT Nation concerts were announced, Mark took to social media to chat with fans. After assuring fans his previously reported sickness was better, he shared he was back to recording for NCT DREAM’s album.

It seems fans sent worried messages about him getting rest because he sent a joking response asking what rest is.

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Mark is known for joking around, but this response has fans still worried now that even he has talked about how busy he is, especially following the star being seen in pain at concerts.

In the past, NCT DREAM’s Chenle exposed the truth about Mark and Haechan’s schedules, which you can read about below.

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