NCT’s Mark Worries Fans After Ranking His Health, Career, And Freedom In A Shocking Order

Mark has always been well-loved even by non-fans.

NCT’s Mark has left fans concerned after a recent video call.

NCT’s Mark

Many K-Pop fans are likely familiar with Mark Lee due to his likable nature and ability to be everywhere at once.

Mark is only 24 years old but debuted on four occasions (NCT 127, NCT DREAM, SuperM, and solo) and was in the original NCT U line-up.

Mark for his solo release, Golden Hour. | SM Entertainment

While there’s no doubt Mark is highly talented, a reason behind his utilization in so many groups, fans often worry about the artist and his health.

Mark and Haechan move between NCT 127 and NCT DREAM in addition to all full group schedules. Between his solo work and ambassadorship with Polo Ralph Lauren amid tour and comeback schedules, fans have been worried that he is overworked.

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The idol once addressed fans’ concerns, but a recent fan call has many worried all over again.

The OP of a video clip, shared a portion of their call with Mark, showing the idol wondering if they had met before due to the deep question.

| KC

In a comment on their video, the OP revealed they asked Mark how he would rank several aspects of his personal life: relationship, health, freedom, and career.

Mark misheard relationship as religion and shared that he ranked it first, followed by his career, health, and freedom.

OP: I asked him his ranking of love [relationship], career, health, freedom.
Commenter: What did he say?
OP: He misheard relationship as religion. He said the current ranking for him is religion > career > health > freedom.

It is no surprise that Mark ranked religion first, but his other rankings surprised many. Some worried his deciding to place his health behind his career could lead to future health concerns.

Others were also concerned about him placing his freedom last, as the life of an idol can already be difficult. Former idols have discussed how the lack of freedom led them to leave their careers for ventures that make far less money.

Ultimately, fans only want the best for their idols and can’t help but worry for them due to the love they have.