NCTzens Call Out SM Entertainment Over NCT Mark And Haechan’s Non-Stop Schedules

“When will they get to rest?”

Not long after fans criticized SM Entertainment for its packed winter schedules, NCT fans have called out the company for the way it has kept members Mark and Haechan busy over the last few months with no sign of a break.

NCT’s Mark (left) and Haechan (right).

Mark and Haechan are both members of NCT DREAM and NCT 127, and actively promote with each group.

After the release of “2 Baddies” in September, the group headed to North America for two nights of concerts in Los Angeles and New York City in October as part of the Neo City: The Link world tour.  Meanwhile, Mark and Haechan were doubling up on practices as NCT DREAM prepared to embark on the Japan leg of their The Dream Show 2: In A Dream world tour.

| SM Entertainment

NCT DREAM’s Japanese 5 concert tour concluded on November 28 after three nights of shows in Yokohama, Japan. Instead of returning to Korea with the rest of NCT DREAM, Mark and Haechan headed directly to Bangkok for NCT 127’s three nights of concerts.

Fans initially believed the pair may get a break after promotions for NCT DREAM’s special winter album Candy, a remake of the H.O.T song, as it was set to be released on December 19, and there were no scheduled announced at the time. 

In early December, however, it was announced that NCT 127 would be making their comeback in January after 2 Baddies‘ repackage was rescheduled from its original time. Rumors of the group visiting Latin America also began to spread, with fans guessing the dates would also take place in late January, giving no sort of extended break to Mark and Haechan.

Because of these announced schedules and future plans, including NCT DREAM’s Japanese release in February and a full NCT comeback, fans have been rightfully concerned about the two and their health.

Other fans have criticized SM Entertainment for “overworking” the pair.


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