NCT’s Renjun Gains Praise For Directly Exposing A Sasaeng’s Online Handle

He dealt with it in the best way ever!

NCT‘s Renjun recently went viral for his swift and stern handling of a sasaeng. A sasaeng is a fan who violates an artist’s rights and personal privacy, often stalking them online and in person. Sasaengs also make money by selling artist information such as flights, phone numbers, addresses, and more online.

Renjun seemed to have found out about one such account. The account shows how they have tried to sell NCT’s personal information, including phone numbers, KakaoTalks, and other gossip. He immediately shared a screenshot of the matter through Dear U. Bubble, alerting his hundreds of thousands of subscribers to the matter.

| @linpopcorn/X

And since you tried to reveal our numbers first illegally, I’m going to reveal you, too.

— Renjun

As soon as he publicized the sasaeng‘s account, his loving fans reported the account, leading to it being suspended.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 4.54.19 AM

Renjun’s way of dealing with the matter received praise from fans.

Sometimes, it takes a little fire to fight with fire.

Although this one account has been dealt with, many other similar ones still exist on the internet. While companies try their best to monitor the situation, many evade detection and slip through the net. Once in a while, it takes the idol’s brave actions to counter the situation.


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