NCT’s Shotaro Once More Proves His Incredible Dance Prowess In “coNEXTion” Performance Teaser

He’s the moment.

NCT‘s Shotaro was a professional dancer in Japan before he became a trainee for SM Entertainment. No matter what style of dance Shotaro tries, he never fails to bring his absolute all and wow fans with his incredible skills.

Recently, Shotaro was offered another chance to highlight his unparalleled dancing ability when he was chosen to be a part of NCT LAB‘s newest project, “coNEXTion (Age of Light),” which will be released on March 20th, 2022.

The song “coNEXTion” features NCT’s Doyoung, Mark, and Haechan‘s vocals. But the performance video for the track will exclusively highlight Shotaro’s dancing.

As a promotion for the song’s full release, SM Entertainment released a teaser of both “coNEXTion” and Shotaro’s incredible performance. But with even just the little bit of dancing shown in the teaser, fans are already in awe of Shotaro’s immense ability.

Fans are already highlighting his perfect body-lines; you can never catch Shotaro lacking when it comes to his alignment.

And his perfect positioning creates stunning silhouettes in every frame of the performance video.

And even though the teaser is only 30-seconds long, Shotaro’s facial expressions are already leaving fans in awe.

And the performance video itself is filled with not only Shotaro’s incredible dancing, but also some intriguing sets and talented backup dancers.

Leaving fans to wonder just how incredible the whole performance will be. And wishing that when Shotaro next participates in a song, the music video will be of similar caliber.

Although no one can be surprised by Shotaro’s astounding dance talent…

Fans will definitely have a lot to look forward to with the idol’s newest chance to show his passion and abilities.

You can watch the teaser video for “coNEXTion (Age of Light)” here.