NCT Stylist Faces Backlash As Netizens Raise Concerns Over Alleged Unfair Treatment Of Jaemin

His oversized clothing posed safety risks onstage.

K-Pop is famous for its visual aspects, whether it’s the flashy styling or dynamic dance choreographies. Yet, as attention-grabbing as it can be, sometimes K-Pop styling can go wrong. Recently, a stylist who reportedly works for NCT has come under fire for alleged unfair treatment of NCT DREAM member Jaemin.

Jaemin | @jaemin0813/Instagram

Given how risky many of the looks K-Pop idols adopt for different concepts are, there is no shortage of instances in which stylists and make-up artists have received backlash, whether it was deserved or not.

Recently, for example, netizens were left with mixed feelings when the stylist for IVE responded to strong criticism of the group’s makeup and styling. While some believed that the extent of the backlash was unwarranted…

…others strongly believed that the stylist should take more responsibility.

There have been cases in which the criticism was based on concerns for idols’ safety, such as when BTS were made to wear ill-fitting shoes for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE performances.

Photos of BTS members’ shoes | Herald Kyunjae

Now, NCTzens are raising similar concerns about Jaemin’s styling. For one, Jaemin has reportedly been dressed in clothes that are too large for him on several occasions.

| @qingyinjie/Twitter

While this is not always as hazardous as ill-fitting shoes, it still poses a risk of making idols fall when the pants are too long. Moreover, many fans have criticized this styling for affecting Jaemin’s performance on stage.

Except, it wasn’t just the pants. Besides clothing, Jaemin has also reportedly been given shoes that are too large for him, which poses a much more serious risk of falling. Stages can often be slippery, especially when the performance employs the use of props such as confetti.

| @qingyinjie/Twitter

Some netizens believe that these styling choices are examples of unfair treatment of Jaemin in comparison to his members. The stylist in question was reportedly found to be following all members of NCT on Instagram except for Jaemin, which some fans have taken to mean that he is perhaps being disregarded in some way.

| @qingyinjie/Twitter

The stylist has followed Jaemin since. It’s very possible that her not initially following him on Instagram was simply an oversight, just as it’s possible that the ill-fitting clothes were something beyond her control at the time. Yet, many netizens have still been critical of her alleged unfair treatment of Jaemin.

Since the faulty styling poses a risk for Jaemin onstage, fans are hoping that more attention will be paid to it in the future.