7 Times K-Pop Make-Up Artists Came Under Fire

#5 is especially shocking to fans.

K-Pop idols’ make-up artists are often responsible for creating some of the most viral moments involving artists. A gorgeous make-up look can sometimes help a group nearly as much as a strong performance which means artists should always look their best. Sometimes make-up artists fall short of the expectations and face criticism from fans because of the way they have made their faves look.

Here are 7 times make-up artists were criticized because of their work:

1. Apink’s Chorong

Recently, extremely unflattering photos of Apink‘s Chorong were posted online showing the artist in much heavier than usual make-up. Netizens claimed that she was almost unrecognizable, with one even commenting that “her makeup artist really needs to get in trouble…”


Fans were thrilled back when BLACKPINK announced their “How You Like That” comeback, however, once teaser posters were released fans were a bit disappointed with the make-up looks. Many fans even said that they could do a better job due to the simple nature of the make-up and Rosé‘s clumpy mascara. Maeng, BLACKPINK’s make-up artist, was also accused of plagiarizing a smaller make-up artist for Jennie‘s look.



3. ITZY’s Yeji

Fans often complained about the exaggerated eye bags ITZY‘s Yeji often sported due to make-up. ITZY’s staff have also been criticized for poor clothing and hair styling in the past.

ITZY’s Yeji | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram


WINNER’s stylists came under fire for lazy styling including their make-up. Fans accused their make-up artists of being lazy and giving them the same type of eye make-up even though each of the members has a different face shape and features.

WINNER’s eye make-up looks are the same for all the members despite each having different eye shapes.

5. IVE

It was recently brought to fans’ attention how different IVE’s make-up has looked lately. For example, Wonyoung was known for light looks but in recent photos has had heavy eyebrows drawn on as has Yujin. Fans took to Twitter and Instagram to voice their complaints and show comparison photos leading the make-up artist to go live on Instagram and apologize to IVE.

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/Instagram

IVE’s Yujin


Fans of TWICE often complain about the heavy make-up the group are often spotted wearing, saying that it makes them resemble “clowns” and is completely unflattering. Recurring complaints include over-exaggeration of eye bags, Jihyo‘s make-up often making her look tired, and over-use of blush on Nayeon that creates a patchy sort of look.

(left to right) Sana and Momo. | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

TWICE’s Jihyo | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

TWICE’s Nayeon during “POP” promotions.

7. NCT’s Haechan

NCT‘s make-up artists often come under fire for the issue of mismatched foundation shades. Though many members have suffered from having two-toned skin due to make-up, Haechan is most often a victim of this. Fans have complained many times over the years of make-up artists attempting to hide Haechan’s tanned skin tone.

NCT’s Haechan