NCT’s Sungchan Reveals Which Member Is His Favorite Hyung

He couldn’t resist falling for their charms.

While NCT‘s Sungchan is a new member that fans and most members are slowly getting to know, they aren’t the only ones learning something new. Since he’s been getting closer to his fellow members, a fan asked Sungchan if there was an older member that he liked the most.

The fan didn’t put any limitations on who he could choose. Being born in early 2001, the only members that couldn’t be options were the maknae line Jisung and Chenle.

At first, Sungchan didn’t want to single out any particular member: “Among the three units? (Yeah) Aha… Um… Well, I like all my hyungs…

Still, there was one that Sungchan couldn’t resist having a soft spot for. He chose a favorite among many of his fellow members: Winwin. “…but these days I like Winwin hyung more. (Winwin? How come?)

Thanks to the fan’s prompting, Sungchan didn’t leave everyone hanging on the reason for the shift.

Like Taeil, Mark, Yuta, Lucas, and Jungwoo, Sungchan wasn’t immune to all of Winwin’s unique habits and personality. Sporting an adorable smile, he admitted, “I’m really falling for his charms.

Taeil and Jungwoo weren’t lying when they revealed how easy it was to like Winwin. Check out Sungchan becoming a part of the “Winwin Lover Group” here.