NCT’s Taeyong Gains Attention For The Way He Addresses Fans After Airport Mob Nearly Injures A Mother And Child

“I’m very bothered by that…”

NCT‘s Taeyong is gaining attention for his response after an unruly airport mob nearly caused a mother and her child to be injured.

NCT’s Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

After performing in seventeen countries, NCT 127 brought their NEO CITY: THE LINK world tour to a close with a final concert in Mexico.

NCT 127 at their “NEO CITY: THE LINK” concert in Mexico | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

The members returned to South Korea on January 30, and naturally received a very warm welcome. Taeyong had fans feeling touched at his sweet reunion with one of his managers after not seeing him for so long.

And his reaction to seeing the fans themselves was just as cute!

As soon as he landed in South Korea, Taeyong immediately messaged NCTzens on Dear U. Bubble, leaving them vastly amused by his unexpected greeting.

Yet, not everything was smooth sailing during NCT 127’s arrival. As Taeyong chatted with fans on Dear U. Bubble later, he confessed that he was a little disappointed in fans’ conduct at the airport. This is because, while he appreciates the love shown by NCTzens, he was concerned to see that the airport mob that followed the group nearly injured a mother and her child.

He politely observed that it’s important to be mindful of other people at the airport, including fans themselves.

While he knows that the majority of fans want to try to keep order, there are occasionally exceptions, and Taeyong politely, though firmly, asked fans to not break order.

Other NCTzens were disappointed to see that this message had been necessary…

…and were quick to identify the moment that Taeyong was referring to, raising strong concerns about fans’ airport etiquette.

Of course, unruly airport mobs are not a new phenomenon. NCT’s Jaemin recently went viral when he went on holiday to Thailand and became immediately surrounded by crowds of fans. Ten and Renjun, meanwhile, gained attention for calling out fans who invaded their privacy during their holiday. Hopefully, their words, just like Taeyong’s, will be heard so that further incidents can be avoided in the future.

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