NCT’s Taeyong Debuts Two New Tattoos To His Growing Collection

In only a few months, he’s gone from zero to over four.

Less than four months ago, NCT‘s Taeyong took everyone by surprise when spotting him with tattoos during one of SuperM‘s We Are The Future concert stops.

On the back of his left arm, he had the word “UNDER” written there.

On the opposite arm, the word was fully completed with “STAND.” During a live broadcast where he apologized to fans for not letting them know beforehand, he explained that the tattoo held a lot of meaning for him.

It was essentially a way to remind himself that he’s working on understanding others while also wanting to be understood. At NCT 127‘s recent Neo City: Japan concerts, fans have spotted even more tattoos.

On the inside of one of his arms, he has one, that appears to be cutely hand-drawn, of a dog, which fans believe to be his dog Ruby.

On the opposite arm, Taeyong now has a UFO right in the center up his upper arm, on the inside of it. Fans have even managed to get a close-up photo of it.

In the beam of light from coming from the UFO, it appears that a figure, shaped like a teddy bear, is hovering toward it. At the bottom is the word “BYE.” That wasn’t the end of the new tattoos, either.

While everyone was sure of those two new additions, there was one that was drastically different from all the other ones.

On the right side of Taeyong’s neck, he appears to have a bright-colored flower.

Since Taeyong had worn a turtleneck and scarf the day before, at the airport, it could’ve been to keep the tattoo under wraps until he was ready to reveal it.

In quite a few months, Taeyong has gone from having zero tattoos to four—five if counting his first as two separate ones. Since he gifted fans with the meaning behind his first one, maybe he’ll also share the meaning behind these.