NCT’s Ten Accidentally Confesses That He’ll Leave SM Entertainment

It was due to a misunderstanding.

NCT‘s Ten is leaving SM Entertainment?!

NCT's Ten
NCT’s Ten | SM Entertainment

Recently, Ten guested on Episode 2 of Super Junior-D&E, Eunhyuk and Donghae‘s YouTube channel “DNE comment ‘Hey, Come here.'”

The three men reminisced as they are former labelmates. The Super Junior members were Ten’s seniors under SM Entertainment.

Donghae and Eunhyuk left SM Entertainment last year. They have since established their own agency, ODE Entertainment.

super junior eunhyuk donghae
Super Junior’s Donghae (left) and Eunhyuk (right)

So, during the episode, the two revealed that their fingerprints would be removed from SM Entertainment, so they could no longer enter the building easily.

As the conversation continued, Donghae asked Ten if he, too, would leave. Ten replied, saying that he would 100% leave.

The clip went viral as netizens laughed over Ten’s “confession.”

Donghae’s question could actually be interpreted in multiple ways. In the context, it could sound as if Ten was being asked if he, too, would leave SM Entertainment. Yet, another interpretation is, “Are you not going to come out (on Donghae and Eunhyuk’s show) anymore (because we are in different companies)?” So, Ten was concerned about offending his seniors and replied that he would continue to visit them.

So, Eunhyuk followed up by asking Ten if he was truly leaving SM Entertainment. Ten clarified that he didn’t understand the question since Korean isn’t his first language.

So, Ten is not planning to leave SM Entertainment!

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