NCT To Get Tested For COVID-19 Due To Encounter With Golden Child Jaehyun’s Makeup Artist

They are also canceling their pre-recording for “KBS Song Festival.”

SM Entertainment has stated that NCT will be canceling their pre-recording for KBS Song Festival in order to get tested for COVID-19.

Ahead of this update, NCT visited the same hair salon as Golden Child‘s Jaehyun, who was just tested positive for COVID-19.

| SM Entertainment

Following the positive test result, it was confirmed that Jaehyun made contact with his makeup artist, and as a result, it was decided that all members of NCT would get tested.

| SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment stated that upon finding out about the makeup artist’s possible exposure, they canceled NCT’s pre-recording for KBS Song Festival which had been scheduled for that day.

They also added that they will discuss NCT’s future schedules depending on the results of their test.

KBS Song Festival is still set to move ahead with the show and is currently filming the pre-recordings with NCT excluded.

Source: Naver News