SM Unveils New Chinese Boy Group WayV Featuring NCT Members

Here’s how they’re connected to NCT.

SM Entertainment dropped a surprising teaser for the upcoming debut of their brand new Chinese boy group, called WayV (威神V).


Titled, “SEE THE V”, the teaser introduced its members that include Ten, Lucas, WinWin and Kun from NCT, as well as YangYang, XiaoJun, and Hendery from SM Rookies.


The group had been rumored to be the Chinese subunit for NCT, much like how NCT 127 is the subunit for Seoul. However, SM Entertainment did not officially announce that WayV will be a part of NCT. They only clarified that the members can also promote as NCT.

WayV will be promoting not just in China but all over the world. They will be produced by SM Entertainment, but managed by a local joint label, called LABEL V.


Although Ten, WinWin, Lucas and Kun have already debuted, YangYang, XiaoJun, and Hendery will be making their debut out of SM Rookies for the first time! Although they may be newbies, they’ve already gathered a huge amount of fans thanks to their pre-debut promotions!


Each of the newly debuting members left a celebratory message on SM Rookie’s Twitter for their fans.

“Hello ! It’s YangYang.
It’s the first time that you saw us writing ocean, right?ㅋㅋㅋ
We graduated SMROOKIES today⭐️⭐️
Thank you for continually rooting for us, and please look forward to our new image.❤️❤️”

— YangYang


“Hello. Everyone, my name is XiaoJun. I’m finally debuting. I’m very happy that I was able to receive so much support over my time here. I love you!”

— XiaoJun


“Time goes by so quicklyㅎㅎ It’s only been a while since I joined SM Rookies but I’m already graduating. But I think of my new beginning as the start!! I will work really hard so I hope every fan who loves me will cheer me on^^”

— Hendery 


WayV will officially debut in January, with their 2nd teaser dropping on January 2.

Source: Osen