NCT’s Winwin Returns To Korea, And He’s Just As Excited As Fans

Fans weren’t the only ones Winwin was excited to see.

After spending some time in China taking on roles as an actor and ongoing cast member, NCT‘s Winwin has finally fulfilled fans’ wishes by returning to Korea.

Winwin departing China.

Wearing a Louis Vuitton jacket, Winwin arrived in Korea looking just as stylish and handsome as ever. In a video of his arrival, fans noticed how happy the idol seemed to be for his return.

Winwin arriving in Korea.

As soon as Winwin saw all the fans who’d patiently been waiting for him, he immediately showered them with greetings. Fans weren’t the only ones he’d been happy to see.

Winwin quickly made his way to the manager for a handshake, followed by a friendly hug. The moment was so heartwarming that fans felt even happier to see the idol return.

Thanks to WayV‘s leader Kun, fans even saw Winwin’s happy reunion with their beloved pets after being away for so long.

Between the members and fans, everyone’s been excited to see Winwin come back. Now WayV’s comeback will truly be a treat.

Source: Twitter