NCT’s Xiaojun Gets Real About One Of His Biggest Concerns, Showcasing His True Personality

“I wondered what on earth I did wrong…” — Xiaojun

NCT‘s Xiaojun recently spilled about one of his biggest worries, and why it’s making him feel bad about rejecting his members’ invitations to hang out.

Xiaojun | @djxiao_888/Instagram

While the members of WayV are all more than fond of their pets, Xiaojun is decidedly a dog dad at heart.

Ten and YangYang are the ones who are mostly in charge of taking care of the group’s cats (resulting in some pretty hilariously chaotic stories)…but Xiaojun’s heart belongs to WayV’s dog, Bella.

After spending much of his free time raising and training Bella over the past couple of years, Xiaojun recently revealed in a live stream that he’s had to turn down invitations to hang out from his members, all because Bella’s separation anxiety has gotten worse with time.

Xiaojun explained that he has researched and tried everything he can to help Bella’s anxiety, even taking her with him on his schedules as much as he can and taking her on extensive walks.

Yet, none of it is enough, as Bella simply has too much energy.

Bella’s anxiety has also gotten to a point where it’s difficult for her to feel comfortable with new people. Xiaojun related that they ran into SHINee‘s Key at the gym, and since Key is a dog owner himself, he bonded surprisingly easily with Bella.

SHINee’s Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram

But given how rare that is for Bella, Xiaojun ends up turning his members down more often than not when they ask him to hang out. He got very real about the situation, saying that he feels extremely frustrated with himself, wondering what he has done wrong for Bella to be this way…even though it’s not his fault.

The fact that he is so caring and that he is taking full responsibility for his dog’s well-being, shows exactly what kind of person Xiaojun really is—and that is someone who is dedicated, kind and compassionate.

Fans have been praising him for being such a responsible dog owner…

…and hoping that he takes it easier on himself from now on.

Seeing how much the WayV members love and care for their pets is always going to be one of the most heartwarming things. You can read further about some of the members’ cat adventures below!

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