WayV’s Cat Dad Ten Has Left YangYang In Charge Of The Cats While He Is Away, And This Is How It’s Going

Cat uncle YangYang is doing his best.

The members of WayV are known for being big animal lovers. So much so, that Ten has even confessed that he spends all his money on their two cats!

While everyone in the group loves their pets, it seems like certain members have taken on more of a responsibility when it comes to their care. Xiaojun, for example, is the main dog dad in the group, taking charge of their young dog Bella. And when it comes to the two cats, Louis and Leon, Ten has absolute command.

Ten with Louis (left) and Leon (right) | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

But since Ten is currently not in Korea, the cat babysitting duties seem to have fallen to YangYang, and things seem to be going…interestingly—judging by YangYang’s Bubble updates. For example, fans couldn’t stop laughing when YangYang said that he was shocked to come home and find one of the cats swimming in the fish tank (because of course WayV also have fish).

YangYang was hilariously concerned about the fishes’ mental well-being, but he tried to be optimistic about the incident, saying that now he could at least use the pet dryer that he’d bought.

Fans were quick to make some hilarious memes about the fish tank incident…

…but it seems like YangYang and his cats’ shenanigans are not over yet, with updates from him claiming that the cats have startled him awake during the night and have even refused to go into their expensive cat dryer.

It sounds like YangYang is doing his best, but these hilarious incidents definitely make us curious about what Ten thinks of his cat dad skills. In the meantime, good luck to cat uncle YangYang with his babysitting duties!