NCT’s Yuta Sends NCTzens Into Meltdown With Shirtless Photos, Revealing Piercing And Tattoos

We finally have HD photos of his tattoos and navel piercing!

NCT‘s Yuta is not shy. He, time and time again, rocks the sexy concept.

NCT’s Yuta | SM Entertainment

Still, his concept photos for NCT 127‘s latest comeback, 4th album, 2 Baddies, are shocking NCTzens.

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Yuta lounges on a sports car in the concept photos sans shirt, accessorized by a large chain, adding to his natural sexiness.

| SM Entertainment

He flexes his muscles and smolders for NCTzens.

| SM Entertainment

He is also rocking long ginger locks that perfectly complement his skin.

| SM Entertainment

Yet, that’s not all. Baring his abs, he has revealed tattoos, including a butterfly, and a navel piercing.

| SM Entertainment

Yuta previously gave NCTzens a peek at the tattoos and piercing during performances of tracks “Lemonade” and “Sticker.”

| Inkigayo
| Inkigayo

Now, Yuta is showing off his body modifications on full display…

And NCTzens are absolutely in awe. Just when we think Yuta can’t possibly get any hotter, he proves us all wrong!

While many were shook, some had predicted Yuta’s teaser photos…

Nevertheless, we admire Yuta in more ways than one. NCTzens are so proud to see how his confidence has grown! He hasn’t always bared skin.

This wouldn’t be the first time Yuta sent NCTzens into meltdown over his abs. Read more below.

NCT 127’s Yuta Went Shirtless And NCTzens Are Not Okay

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