NCT’s Taeyong To Miss His First Schedule Since Debuting Due To Health Reasons

Feel better soon, Taeyong.

NCT‘s Taeyong will miss his first official schedule, KBS Music Bank’s Half-Year Special, in his 4 years since debuting due to health reasons.

SM Entertainment announced today that Taeyong will miss NCT 127’s performance at Music Bank due to health reasons.


We would like to inform everyone about NCT’s appearance at KBS Music Bank 2020 First Half of the Year Special on June 26.

Taeyong will not appear on the show today due to health reasons.

We would like to apologize to the fans who have been looking forward to his performance, and we’ll try our best to have Taeyong greet you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

— SM Entertainment

Earlier in the week, Taeyong’s name was cleared in the allegations made against him by Informant B, who claimed Taeyong was involved in the self-harm of a classmate and other accusations. SM Entertainment stated they would be taking legal action against Informant B and others who continue to spread such false information.

Fans also noted that this will be the first schedule Taeyong misses in his 4 years as an idol, showing just how strong he is even throughout the various accusations made against him. The fact that he is now missing a schedule has fans worried.

Source: MBN