SM Entertainment Officially Responds To Allegations Against NCT’s Taeyong… Legal Actions Ensue

The agency promised to protect Taeyong from any more unverifiable allegations.

SM Entertainment is set to take legal action against the distortions regarding the allegations against NCT‘s Taeyong. Earlier today, Accuser A‘s allegations were debunked and proved to be falsified on certain parts.

NCT’s Taeyong

In an official statement released, SM Entertainment promised to protect Taeyong against any more unverified allegations.

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

Here’s the company’s perspective on the issues surrounding our artist, Taeyong, which have been circulating online. The person, Accuser A, who has been posting the allegations about Taeyong’s middle school days is the same person who stepped up for the sake of the classmates involved. However, Accuser A has continuously posted things that are not confirmed and are Accuser A‘s distorted, one-sided opinions. Taeyong has apologized to the classmates involved and even compensated for the wrongdoings he had committed in this youth. Despite that, Accuser A has been continuously mocking Taeyong with falsifications.

The company has recognized this but considering the fact that Accuser A is Taeyong’s acquaintance from middle school, and understanding that the involved classmates could potentially be hurt again, the company has not been taking any active measures. Due to the repeated falsifications, however, Taeyong and his family have faced blatant invasions of privacy and personal threats and slander. In order to protect the artist, we can no longer stand by and watch. The company will be pursuing legal actions in the name of slander and other crimes, should the malicious posts continue.

In addition to this, the company will be monitoring and responding to all and any unlawful acts, including the spread of malicious comments and defamation of Taeyong and his family. We request that you please do not get involved in the dissemination of rumors, malicious comments and infringement of privacy — especially towards Accuser A, the classmates involved, and/or anyone else associated with Taeyong’s middle school days.

We also hereby inform you that apart from this issue, the company has been — and will continue to strengthen — monitoring. We will take legal actions when necessary, in order to protect our artists.

Thank you.

— SM Entertainment

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