SM Entertainment Releases Official Statement Regarding NCT Taeyong’s Bullying Allegation

“We can confirm that Taeyong had no records of… bullying.”

Following the bullying allegations made against NCT‘s TaeyongSM Entertainment has finally released an official statement.

NCT’s Taeyong

In the statement, the agency revealed that, after checking Taeyong’s middle school records, nothing out of the ordinary was discovered.

In response to the allegations against Taeyong bullying his classmates a decade ago in 2009, we — as his agency — have asked Taeyong’s family to check all school records and any other documentation from his middle school days so we can verify what is or isn’t true.

According to the data we reviewed, we can confirm that Taeyong had no records of having received any kind of disciplinary action or comments from the teachers for bullying.

Regardless, Taeyong said that he deeply regrets his immature actions from the past and all senseless remarks he made in middle school, before he began pursuing his dream of becoming a singer. He has also apologized to everyone he may have offended, whether it be during his trainee period before debut or even after debuting.

Please note that Taeyong continues to reflect and tries to be the best version of himself. And he will always strive to be a good, responsible person.

— SM Entertainment

Source: TV Report

NCT Taeyong's Bullying Allegation