Former SM Entertainment Trainee Posts Instagram Story Against NCT’s Taeyong

The former trainee had something to say about Taeyong.

Recently, Wikitree released articles claiming that NCT‘s Taeyong was a bully during his middle-school days. Allegedly, he had bullied someone to the point of self-harm and was only nice to people who he deemed were attractive and popular.

The original poster of the article, knowns as “B,” was edited and changed. In their original material, there was no mention of school violence and that they contacted Wikitree to rewrite the articles, but they did not receive any response.

Now, former SM Entertainment trainee Minwoo posted a story on Instagram concerning Taeyong.

The Instagram story featured screenshots of the two articles, with a caption that reads,

I’ve been watching him since my trainee days and all of these are facts. His personality is really shit. Stop protecting him already.

Some believe the trainee, while many have said that there is no proof that the trainee was even close to Taeyong or worked together with him.

I’m not a fan of NCT or Taeyong. But how do you know if this trainee is telling the truth? Did he go to the same school as Taeyong? Did Taeyong get along well with this trainee and talk about things like this during their time in school? Or is it because the victim and the trainee in the article are acquaintances? Does he even have proof that he and Taeyong practiced together for the same period of time and were close enough to know Taeyong’s school life?

– Korean Netizen