Former SM Entertainment Trainee Posts Instagram Story Against NCT’s Taeyong

“I’ve known him since his trainee days and…”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

 SM Entertainment has responded to the bullying allegation.

Recently, the Korean media Wikitree released an exclusive report claiming that NCT‘s Taeyong allegedly bullied a classmate during his middle-school days. According to the accusation outlined in the report, Taeyong and his group of friends picked on a classmate to the point of self harm.

The accusation on which the report was based, however, turned out to be false — as the original poster, Accuser A, confessed that it contained “personal comments” which cannot be verified.

NCT’s Taeyong

While Accuser A ended up deleting the original post which turned into the Wikitree report, a former SM Entertainment trainee Minwoo posted an Instagram story against Taeyong — rekindling the accusation that Taeyong, in fact, used to be a bully.

Former SM Entertainment trainee Minwoo

The Instagram story featured screenshots of two Wikitree articles, both covering Taeyong’s school bullying allegation. Minwoo captioned the story with a strongly worded condemnation — claiming that the articles are true.

A screenshot of Minwoo’s Instagram story.

I’ve known him since his trainee days and all of these are true. He does have one sh*tty personality. Stop protecting him already.

— Minwoo

Though speculation keeps building, Taeyong’s agency — SM Entertainment — is yet to respond to the allegation. Meanwhile, K-Pop fans at large remain divided on the issue, following Minwoo’s public call-out.

Source: Wikitree, Instiz and NamuWiki

NCT Taeyong's Bullying Allegation