Here’s The Truth Behind The Accusation That NCT’s Taeyong Bullied His Middle School Classmate To Self Harm

The accusation has been overblown with false information.

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This article includes descriptions of bullying and suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

SM Entertainment has responded to the accusation, verifying that NCT Taeyong’s school records show no evidence of him having been a part of the self harm incident mentioned in this article.

NCT‘s Taeyong has battled several rumors surrounding his past, since as early as his debut days. Yet another accusation has surfaced — following a post on the Korean portal site Daum‘s online “café” (community) written by Accuser A, who insisted that Taeyong was part of a group that bullied and terrorized a classmate to self harm.

The accusation, however, has been proved to be overblown with false information.

NCT’s Taeyong

Based on the online speculation around Accuser A‘s post, the Korean media Wikitree released an exclusive report about the accusation. According to this report, Accuser A and Taeyong belonged to the same homeroom class in middle school. Their group of friends, including Taeyong, would bully the alleged victim — Classmate A — who was very quiet in class.

I was in the same class with Taeyong in 8th grade. We hung out together often. Classmate A was very quiet…not that popular among classmates. We, including Taeyong, would bully Classmate A.

Taeyong had a relatively introverted personality and didn’t lead the bullying. But when he was with this group of friends, he would add some comments as they would pick on Classmate A.

Accuser A

The Wikitree report also revealed that there was a shocking incident surrounding Classmate A due to the bullying inflicted by Accuser A and Taeyong’s group of friends. After the incident, Accuser A‘s parents had to show up at school to speak to the teacher.

One day, Classmate A got fed up with the bullying and reacted violently by throwing a chair.

During the next class, Classmate A tried to self harm with a box cutter. The teacher ran to grab (the cutter) while the other students held Classmate A back.

Accuser A

The said report claimed that Accuser A concluded the post pointing out, “There are no hard feelings for Taeyong, but only hope that he will reflect on his past wrongdoings.” At the time of the release of Wikitree’s report, SM Entertainment did not respond to the media’s requests for an official statement regarding the accusation.

Plus, shortly after the report, Accuser A confessed in an updated post to the same online community site that “Not everything said in the post may be correct.” As there isn’t any concrete evidence, Accuser A apologized for the accusatory comments made in the original post.

First, I’m sorry about the accusatory comments I made in the original post. The personal comments I added may not be factually correct. I apologize for having added those thoughtlessly…

Also, this is the only post I made online and it wasn’t even about school bullying. I haven’t written anything else on anywhere else. I don’t even own social media accounts. So all the other speculations circulating online right now are not from me.

Accuser A

Accuser A stated that Wikitree had been contacted in an attempt to get the site to edit or delete the article. Though Accuser A got a response, no actual action was ever taken — according to Accuser A‘s communication back and forth with a commenter under the updated post.


Accuser A: I emailed them my phone number. I can’t find the reporter’s phone number. Sigh, this is so annoying. That version of the article is going to start circulating. Seriously, I’m so sorry about this, whether you’re Taeyong’s fan or not.

[Anonymous Netizen]: @Accuser A Regardless, thank you for trying to get the facts straight. We have to spread the truth. It must be hard for you too because the wrong version of the story is circulating. I believe the media uploaded the article to its Facebook account too. I hope you can reach the reporter soon.

Accuser A: I got on a phone call with them. They said they will edit the article accordingly, including my update. They said the article was scheduled to publish in their system, so the initial version of the article was released online…

Meanwhile, the Wikitree report on Accuser A‘s allegation has shed light on a previous bullying allegation that Taeyong faced in 2015.

This resurfaced allegation claimed that Taeyong left a demeaning comment about the appearance of a different classmate, Classmate B. The original poster, actually assumed to be Accuser A, shared this screenshot on a different online community site — but has since disappeared from the site after the post began circulating.

A screenshot of the comment allegedly left by Taeyong. | KMIB

Wow, (assumed to be a censored curse word). There are only 10 people in this picture but it looks like there are 13.

— Taeyong

This allegation remains to be verified.

Source: Wikitree, Kookje, Pann and KMIB

NCT Taeyong's Bullying Allegation