NCT’s Taeyong Was Accused Of Bullying A Middle School Classmate To The Point Of Self Harm, But Here’s The Real Truth

Here is the real truth about it.

NCT‘s Taeyong was the subject of several rumors surrounding his past during his debut days, but a story has surfaced through netizens that Taeyong was part of a group that terrorized a student to the point where they self harmed themselves. However, the story was overblown with false information added after the fact.

According to the article by Wikitree, “B”, who was a student that was in the same class as Taeyong during middle school, their friend group, including Taeyong, would bully student “A” who was very quiet in class.

I was in the same class as Taeyong in 8th grade. We would often hang out together.

“A” was very quiet. We weren’t friends with them. We would bully “A”, and that includes Taeyong.

— “B”

They stated that “B” also revealed that there was a shocking incident surrounding “A” due to the bullying inflicted by the friend group.

One day, “A” threw a chair at us because they couldn’t handle the bullying.

In the next class, “A” cut their hand with a box cutter, self harming themselves. The teacher ran to grab (the cutter) while the other students stopped “A”.

— “B”

“B” then revealed that Taeyong was different when interacting with “A” compared to others.

Taeyong was timid and didn’t lead the bullying. But when he was with his friends, he would say some things to “A” when they were bulling “A”. I was a bystander at times. I couldn’t stop Taeyong.

— “B”

Taeyong’s former classmate also talked about Taeyong’s reputation at middle school.

Taeyong had a reputation where his likes and dislikes are very clear. He was nice to pretty or popular classmates. But on the other hand, he wasn’t the same with classmates who were fat or ugly.

Because of this, there are classmates that remember him as a good friend, and some who don’t.

— “B”

The original post by “B” also included this screen capture of Taeyong’s belittling comments towards the female students in his school.

Out of the 100 girls, there are probably 50 of them whose figures are like Otakus?

These facilities are great…

— Taeyong (2009)

At the time, SM Entertainment did not respond to requests for comment regarding this situation. However, shortly after the release of the article, the original poster “B” came out to reveal that what they posted may not be correct, as they didn’t have concrete evidence.

The original poster apologized for their post, and apologized for not writing their post more carefully. “B” explained that the reason that they posted their original post without personal identification because they are a normal citizen, and their personal reasons (such as repercussions) meant that they didn’t post it with an ID.

“B” also claimed that in their original post, they never mentioned anything about school violence in his post or title. He stated he wishes that the writer who inflated his post to include school violence gets sued for spreading rumors.

Finally, “B” attempted to contact Wikitree to edit or delete their article, got a response, but no actual action was ever taken.

“B”: I sent my phone number to them via email but the person didn’t get it… ha… so annoying… This is going to spread. I’m sincerely sorry to everyone, fans or not fans.

Netizen: @”B” Even still, thank you for telling the truth. We have to spread the truth, but only the wrong information is being spread around, so it must be difficult for you to, as the writer. It even reached Facebook. I hope you can reach the reporter soon.

“B”: I just finished my call with them and they said they will edit the article by including the information I added in later. They said that since the article was pre-scheduled in their system, the previous version of the article was uploaded online…

Source: Wikitree, Kookje and Pann