NCT’s Taeyong Admits To School Bullying And Apologizes To His Middle School Classmate In Person

He met “Classmate B” in person and the two talked it out.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

In September 2019, NCT‘s Taeyong was accused of having bullied his middle school classmate, Classmate A, having criticized the appearance of another classmate, Classmate B, and having left a homophobic message toward a third classmate, Classmate C.

Though SM Entertainment clarified in an official statement that the allegation associated with Classmate A is false, the speculation around Taeyong’s middle school days kept building — as the allegations regarding Classmate B and Classmate C remained somewhat unresolved.

NCT’s Taeyong

Since then, the Korean media Wikitree has released another exclusive report — covering an in-person meeting between Taeyong and Classmate B who was teased for appearance in detail.

Wikitree revealed that, in an interview prior to the meeting, Classmate B looked forward to Taeyong’s apology. It was also revealed that Classmate B tried to contact SM Entertainment, in hopes of contacting Taeyong so the two can come to terms over what happened. The attempt, however, continued to fail.

For years since then, I’ve lived in pain. I want to ask him why he did what he did to me. I want a sincere apology. He hurt me in ways I can never forget…

Classmate B

When Taeyong returned to Korea on October 11, 2021 KST after promoting with SuperM in the United States, he finally sat down with Classmate B in the meeting reportedly arranged by Wikitree.

According to Wikitree, the two faced each other for the first time in a decade. Classmate B shed tears, while they sat in silence for nearly an hour. After Classmate B calmed down, Taeyong bowed his head in apology — admitting his past wrongdoings.

It has been a long time since I saw my friends…and I am upset that I had to reunite with Classmate B over something like this. Honestly, I have never felt at ease since then. Every day, dozens of times, I look back and think ‘why was I like that?’ and deeply regret.

— Taeyong

Classmate B listened to everything Taeyong had to say and felt the sincerity in his apology. Eventually, after conversing for over two hours, Classmate B decided to forgive Taeyong.

Back then, I was terrible with how I expressed myself. I would like to sincerely apologize for my thoughtless remarks and actions from when I was younger. I am very sorry.

— Taeyong

In addition, Wikitree confirmed that Taeyong did indeed write the “homophobic” comment toward Classmate C. According to the report, however, Taeyong left the comment without any malicious intent — as Classmate C was a friend of Taeyong’s.

Taeyong and Classmate C were close, so there were no bad feelings between the two over that message.

— Wikitree

Following the extensive report, SM Entertainment also commented on Taeyong’s allegations.

Taeyong has personally apologized to his classmate from middle school who felt hurt by his mistakes, including his senseless words and actions.

The classmate accepted Taeyong’s apology and they both agreed to support each other’s growth in their respective futures.

In addition, Taeyong expressed his regret to the other classmates who may not have been able to get in touch with him.

Taeyong will not forget his past, but use it as a way to mature into a better person. Taeyong will strive to behave properly with a humble mindset. Thank you.

— SM Entertainment

Source: Wikitree and NamuWiki

NCT Taeyong's Bullying Allegation