NCTzens Express Frustration Over The Styling Of NCT 127’s Haechan In Recent “2 Baddies” Teaser Images

Fans feel the styling choices being made are unfair.

Fans of NCT 127‘s Haechan express frustration with his styling in recent teaser images for the group’s upcoming album, 2 Baddies.

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The members have been busy meeting fans during their world tour, but they will now also be making their highly-anticipated comeback after one year.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

As promotions for 2 Baddies gear up, the content being released has gained NCTzens’ attention. Yuta, for one, went viral after his teaser images revealed his tattoo and piercing.

Yet, NCTzens are not entirely satisfied with Haechan’s teaser images.

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According to some, Haechan’s styling for the teasers has been rather underwhelming, especially when compared to the way he is styled in NCT DREAM promotional images. Fans believe that this is due to the fact that Haechan is the youngest member of NCT 127, and his styling has therefore allegedly been exaggerated to emphasize his being the maknae.

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Seeing as Haechan is a full-grown adult who isn’t particularly infantilized in NCT DREAM material, fans feel that it is unfair that his styling in NCT 127 images overemphasize his youth—or his complexion.

Of course, Haechan has stated in the past on different occasions that he is not very comfortable baring his skin or wearing revealing outfits…

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…and NCTzens have pointed out that doing so is far from the only way of making him look sexy.

They claim that, as his styling in NCT DREAM proves, it is very much possible to dress him in more grown-up, stylish looks that still remain modest, the way he prefers.

Additionally, fans feel that the styling of his hair in NCT 127 has gotten somewhat repetitive, as it’s always made to look casual and youthful rather than sharp and “sexy.”

In any case, with his natural visuals, Haechan is always going to be a showstopper, no matter how he’s styled! Read further about how he went viral for his unreal visuals at the group’s recent concert in Manila.

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