A Scene From “The Glory” Part 2 Goes Viral For Taking The Most Unexpected Turn

It had all the viewers holding their breaths for a sec.

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Netflix‘s hit K-Drama The Glory Part 2 premiered on March 10, and its long-awaited return has been well-received by viewers worldwide. K-Drama fans shared tales of having binged through the newly-released eight episodes and, inevitably, their thoughts on how the series ended.

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Among the talk, one tweet, in particular, has been trending with over 2.6 million views and 15.4 retweets. Mentioning a scene from Episode 10, Twitter user @ziotoy expressed utter shock at what an unexpected plot twist it was.

Character Jeon Jae Jun in “The Glory” Part 2, Episode 10. | Netflix

This scene—immediately after the character Jeon Jae Jun (actor Park Sung Hoon) hears, “people with kids don’t have dogs because their kids could be sensitive to fur”—captures the character staring intensely at his dog, Louis.

Knowing the character’s violent personality, viewers—including @ziotoy—believed the look in Jae Jun’s eyes to be plotting something bad.

The “Louis” scene in Episode 10. | Netflix

Fortunately(?), Jae Jun doesn’t harm the dog; Instead, he takes Louis to get groomed for a fresh haircut!

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Viewers couldn’t agree more with @ziotoy’s tweet about what a surprise the scene turned out to be.

Ack. Jeon Jae Jun is a frickin’ lunatic! He stared at Louis when he heard that people don’t raise dogs with their children  these days because of potential sensitivities. So I sat there thinking, ‘OMFG. If he gets rid of Louis, I swear he’s going down as the biggest as*hole in my book.’ But… Then he took Louis to get groomed. LOL.

— @ziotoy/Twitter

Most shared how “terrified” they were for the dog’s well-being…

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  • “This scene made me think like… Even sh*t heads like Jeon Jae Jun know not to abandon pets. So people IRL who give up on their dogs are f*cking garbage.”
  • “It was hilarious how the camera zoomed in on the dog’s face for this scene, haha. It felt like a sitcom for a second.”
  • “Didn’t he have a similar moment in Part 1 when he got mad at Louis for not having guarded the house? I remember feeling scared he might beat the dog, but I was relieved because he didn’t.”
  • “I HONESTLY thought he was going to kill Louis. I was FULLY prepared to curse him for life. But then he took the dog to the groomer’s. LMAO.”
  • “Just groomed. LMFAO.”
  • “I expected him to abandon Louis right then and there, LOL. But Louis got a buzz cut instead, haha. Seeing a buzzed spaniel reminded me of mine.”

…and pointed out how “Louis might be Jae Jun’s one true love.”

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  • “Louis might be Jeon Jae Jun’s one true love. He left Yeon Jin but didn’t leave the dog. I for sure thought that he’d give up on Louis.”
  • “LOL. I love how we all thought the same thing.”
  • “SERIOUSLY, THOUGH. I was going to throw hands if Jae Jun did something bad to the dog after that scene. But he took Louis to the groomer’s. How nice…”
  • “One true love for sure.”
  • “People IRL who abandon their pets… are worse than Jeon Jae Jun. Haha.”
  • “I was SO TERRIFIED. Lolol.”

For actor Park Sung Hoon, Jeon Jae Jun was not the easiest character to channel. Read more about his struggles with the role here!

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