This Is What “The Glory” Actor Park Sung Hoon Found The Most Difficult To Pull Off About His Role

The answer is both real and funny!

Actor Park Sung Hoon played the role of Jeon Jae Jun perfectly in The Glory. The role of Jae Jun was that of a high school bully who later grew up to inherit his family’s golf course. He also ran a high-end select shop called Siesta. Despite this, he was known to be unlearned and uncouth, even faking his degree.

In a recent interview with Bazaar magazine, Park Sung Hoon dished on what was the hardest thing about his role.

In terms of filming, there was once where the cast had to film a winter scene in the dead heat of summer. Park Sung Hoon and the other actors had a hard time and sweated buckets under thick clothing.

As for his specific character? It was surprisingly all the cussing he had to do as Jae Jun!

I think it was pretty hard when I had to cuss when I’m not used to it.

— Park Sung Hoon

Many found it hard to believe with the fluent way he cussed in the drama. Here’s a scene of him cussing on the road.

The actor’s true personality is the direct opposite of Jae Jun’s, and many can vouch for that!

| theqoo
  • “But the actor for Jae Jun is really very soft, LOL. He’s totally just like a different person, so I was shocked. Seems like he’s really good at acting.”
  • “Wow, can’t believe that was all acting.”
  • “He looked too fluent with it LOL.”
  • “No but I know the actor isn’t actually like that but he was so good at cussing that I thought he was someone who had lived like that all his life LOL.”
  • “He’s really good at acting. I hope he does many shows. He’s so good at acting like he has anger management issues. He really looked like a parent when he went around searching for Yesol. When he said the line ‘why are you telling me that’ as he got angry out of a sudden, I really laughed so hard.”
  • “It’s so funny how his real personality is so trivial and his stamina is terrible LOL.”

He must be really good at acting if cussing was his largest difficulty! Check out the interview below.

Source: theqoo

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