Netflix Has A New Verification Process For Participants After “Physical: 100” Controversies

Netflix is going through stricter procedures than before.

Recently, a representative from Netflix Korea shared they are taking steps to prevent controversies among contestants in upcoming Netflix original shows.

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On April 4, Netflix held an event at the Community House Masil in Myeong Dong and introduced their upcoming plans. Netflix Korea’s content manager Yoo Ki Hwan stated they are going through various verification processes to prevent controversy over performers in future Netflix original content.

Content Manager Yoo Ki Hwan | Netflix

Earlier this year, the highly successful reality fitness show Physical: 100 received a lot of love, but many were disappointed by the controversies surrounding some contestants. From school bullying to assault and disputes about the final match, a few contestants gained attention after the show ended due to accusations.

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In response, Yoo Ki Kwan stated they are trying to think of ways to overcome this.

As much as our show received a lot of love, there were many people who were not satisfied with it. I think the issues of school bullying and equipment defects in the final match are enough to be pointed out by audiences. We are constantly thinking about how to overcome these issues.

— Yoo Ki Hwan

The final match on Physical: 100 | Netflix

He also shared that Netflix is going through stricter procedures than usual when choosing participants for their shows.

Regarding the participation verification issue, Netflix is going through much more procedures than previous shows. We collect participants’ record and have a specialized mental health professional check their stress levels. Also, just like Netflix in the US office does, there is a process of examining their social media with their consent.  Ultimately, there is also a process of holding individuals accountable for lying during interviews.

– Yoo Ki Hwan

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Yoo Ki Hwan then stated his disappointment at the unsolved issues and that they are constantly thinking of ways to prevent the same mistakes in the future.

Nevertheless, I feel sorry that there are issues that cannot be solved, and I believe we need to keep thinking about how to satisfy all the viewers.

— Yoo Ki Hwan

There are new Netflix Korea original shows planned to be released this year, and each participant has most likely gone through this new verification process to avoid controversies.

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