Netflix Is Still Rightly Obsessed Over BTS V’s “Squid Game” Cosplay From “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”

They’re not the only ones who are still loving V’s look!

BTS recently finished their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows in LA. While some of the members have returned to Korea, others are enjoying their extended vacation time in America. Even though it’s been nearly a week, ARMYs can’t get over the moments from each show!

In particular, ARMYs were treated to a special surprise from none other than V! During the concert, the members have shone with their dazzling visuals and amazing on-stage outfits, but it seemed as if V wanted to try something new and showcase his known humorous side.

V decided to dress up as one of the masked men from the Netflix series Squid Game.

Even with the mask on, V’s visuals shone, but it also allowed his amazing personality to be showcased and prove why he is truly iconic in every way.

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Although a week has gone by, people can’t get over the outfit, and it hasn’t helped that V has brought it back to people’s minds after the members created their own Instagram accounts.

On December 8 (KST), V shared a picture of him in the Squid Game outfit, and although he deleted it as it didn’t fit with his aesthetic, fans fell in love, and it amassed millions of likes.

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It seems as though the picture brought back a lot of people’s admiration for the outfit and, in particular, Netflix Korea‘s obsession. They reposted the image of V onto their own story and added a caption that radiated true ARMY.

Where is the Squid Game happening?
Can you take me there right away?

— Netflix Korea

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Despite Squid Game being terrifying, they have a point. If anyone saw that V was involved in the game, they would definitely not mind participating. With the likes of him and Squid Game actor Wi Ha Joon under those masks, they definitely radiate visuals.

| Netflix

It isn’t the first time Netflix has shared their love for V’s outfit. After the concert, the account seemed fully whipped for V.

However, they’re not the only people who are obsessed with V’s interpretation of the character. Leader RM shared his appreciation of the photos, and like Netflix, thought that the one of V wearing a mask covered his handsome face.

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Even Squid Game actress Jung Ho Yeon seemed to approve as she liked the photo.

With BTS’s Jin also channeling his inner Squid Game with his Younghee reference, ARMYs definitely need to see the members in the confirmed next series of the K-Drama!

Although there is no denying that V looks much better without the mask on, he would definitely make a fitting addition the K-Drama’s cast. You can read more about V’s iconic outfit below.

BTS’s V Channeled His Inner “Squid Game” During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” And It Was All Because Of Jin

Source: @netflixkr and @thv

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