Netflix Steps Up Efforts To Protect The Director Of “In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal”

Netflix isn’t taking any chances.

Netflix increased its efforts to protect Cho Sung Hyun, who directed the streaming site’s blockbuster documentary, In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal.

Cho Sung Hyun | Netflix

Previously it was reported that Cho Sung Hyun, the director of the bombshell documentary, In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal, was facing threats from followers of the cults featured in the documentary.

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Now, Netflix is stepping up to protect its director. During a press conference held on March 10, Netflix took extra steps to protect the director. According to reports, a Netflix representative asked that there be minimal contact between those present at the press conference and the director.

After the event, please restrain from coming forward to exchange business cards or other reasons.

— Netflix representative

Reports also stated that a Netflix representative revealed that they were not going to take any chances with the safety of the director and stated they were going to leave immediately after the press conference ended.

For the safety of producer Cho Sung Hyun, we are going to leave immediately once the event ends.

— Netflix representative

The director’s documentary In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal shocked the nation when it exposed the depravity and criminal activities of cults in Korea. Audiences were shocked to learn that many of these cults are still active today, with many of their members belonging to Korea’s highest society.

In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal poster | Netflix

Korea’s entertainment industry has also felt the aftermath of the documentary when a K-Pop artist and a producer at a major broadcasting company were alleged to be members of the JMS cult, which was featured in the documentary.

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You can read more about the documentary and its profound impact on Korean society in the links below.


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In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal

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