“All of Us Are Dead” Park Ji Hoo Responds To Criticisms From Netizens About Her Character Being “Frustrating”

The character of On Jo received a lot of criticism from viewers!

The latest Netflix series to gain love and attention worldwide is none other than the zombie teen K-Drama All of Us Are Dead.

The series follows a group of students battling with the people closest to them to survive after many of them become zombies. Without any resources, the surviving students have to find any way to stay protected because if they don’t, they will become part of the horde.

The cast of the show | Netflix

One character who quickly caught the attention of fans was Nam On Jo, played by Park Ji Hoo.

In the K-Drama, she has romantic feelings for Soo Hyuk (Park Solomon) but is the unrequited love of the main character Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young). Her father is a firefighter, and she puts the skills he has taught her to use during the zombie outbreak.

Park Ji Hoo as Nam On Jo | Netflix

Despite gaining attention for her stunning visuals, the character of On Jo has been criticized by viewers.

In particular, there were many who expressed their frustrations after watching On Jo’s alleged passivity and emotionally charged reactions in what were very urgent situations. Many also voiced their annoyance at the fact these qualities were very different from the original webtoon, leading them to describe her as ‘frustrating’ and a ‘nuisance character.’

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In a recent interview, Park Ji Hoo responded to these criticisms of her character. Although they might seem harsh, the actress understands where netizens might come from.

I can understand why people felt that way. Though, I didn’t see it in that way while I was filming. However, it was when I watched the scenes after the filming was complete that I thought others might feel frustrated with it.

— Park Ji Hoo

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Other netizens have defended the actress, saying there is no way to understand how a student would react in that situation, and the Netflix series wouldn’t be exactly the same as the webtoon for many reasons. It is something Ji Hoon emphasized herself.

I think there will be various reactions in that situation (full of zombies). On Jo is a teenager, and she’s emotional. So if she loses her friends, she may have that kind of reaction.

— Park Ji Hoo

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It also seems as if she had similar feelings to the audience during some of her parts. When asked about any disappointments with her character, Ji Hoo expressed that there was one thing she wished she had done differently.

On Jo didn’t participate in amazing action scenes. Rather, she had to run away a lot. Because of this, she had a lot of scenes where she was always running, falling, and coming face-to-face with zombies. I thought to myself, ‘I wish On Jo could have been more brave because she would have been able to fight the zombies head on.’

— Park Ji Hoo for Tenasia

| Netflix

Although Park Ji Hoo has been acting in roles for years, she has gained more attention and popularity through All of Us Are Dead. Considering how popular the show is, it isn’t surprising that she will have her critics.

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