Netizen Reports After School’s Kahi to the Police for Violating COVID-19 Self-Isolation Measures

Kahi and her agency made conflicting claims.

After School‘s Kahi is facing controversy after one netizen shared in an online community that they reported the star to the police.

I reported singer Kahi to the police for violating self-isolation measures for COVID-19.

– Netizen

The singer is now facing backlash for not setting a good example for others as a celebrity with a significant influence on society.

On April 14, Kahi wrapped up her 2 years in Bali and announced her return to Korea.

She even shared a lengthy post along with a photo of trees in the mountains.

I’ve been in self-isolation for 14 days after returning to Korea.

I cook, I clean.

I cook, I clean.

I cook, I clean.

I wash my children, put them to sleep.

I reflect.

I make resolutions.

I pray.

There’s not much else I can do…

I apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable because of me.

And thank you so much to those who comforted me.

– Kahi


But the problem is the fact that just 8 days earlier on April 6, Kahi’s agency posted a photo of her son playing in the mountains, but as soon as it stirred up controversy, they clarified that Kahi was in Bali at the moment.

If the agency lied and what Kahi posted is true, that means Kahi did violate her self-isolation measures.


In response to the backlash, the agency stated, “We’ll make a formal announcement soon. We’ll do so after talking to Kahi in person.

As for the netizen who reported Kahi to the police, they added that according to the Infectious Disease Prevention Law in Korea, those who violate their self-isolation measures can be sentenced to up to 1 year in prison and up to 10 million won (~$8000 USD) in fines.

Source: Dispatch
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