Netizens Are Confused As To Why “2 Days 1 Night” Blurred Out VIXX Ravi’s Hat Logo

The “2 Days 1 Night” producers addressed the controversy.

In a recent episode of 2 Days 1 Night, the producers blurred out the logo on VIXX Ravi‘s hat, and netizens are thoroughly confused as to why that was necessary.

On the show, the members took a trip to Ulleungdo where they were offered shrimp and seafood ramen by the producers for a challenge.


And Ravi must’ve been hungry because he even showed off a celebration dance.

But what viewers also noticed as the fact that Ravi’s hat was blurred out.

On that day, Ravi wore a hat remembering the Korean military personnel who sacrificed their lives during the ROKS Cheonan sinking back in 2010.

2 Days 1 Night

The hat was designed by a survivor of the sinking and half of the profits go to the families of the deceased while the other half is donated to the military authorities.

2 Days 1 Night

It’s common for Korean TV shows to blur out certain brand logos to prevent indirect advertising, but netizens didn’t understand why the hat Ravi was wearing was blurred out.

Following the show, netizens expressed,

I don’t see how anyone can mistake a ROKS Cheonan sinking for a brand name. Why did you blur that out?

– Netizens

Meanwhile, some netizens criticized the show for lacking consistency as they didn’t blur out the same hat in a different episode.

But in last month’s broadcast, they showed Ravi’s white ROKS Cheonan sinking hat without any blurring.

– Netizens

On the other hand, other netizens defended the producers with comments such as,

Since there are many editors on the show, they probably just mistook the logo for a brand name.

– Netizens

In response to the controversy, 2 Days 1 Night stated,

There’s an internal policy to be careful of exposing any brand logos, so we asked for comprehensive blurring, and in the final process, someone mistook the logo for a brand and blurred it out by accident. We’ll be sure to pay special attention so that we don’t cause any misunderstanding.

– 2 Days 1 Night

Source: Insight