Netizens Are Comparing aespa Karina’s Childhood Visuals To AI-Generated Beauty

How can a student look like that?

Past photos of aespa‘s Karina is gaining attention all over the internet with netizens comparing her visuals to AI-generated beauty.

Ever since aespa’s banging debut with “Black Mamba”, old photos of the members have been surfacing online.

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And recent photos of Karina as a student has netizens in awe.

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Not only did she flaunt the same stunning visuals as she does now, but the lack of makeup highlighted her big eyes and captivating side profile even more.

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Her natural beauty looked so unreal that netizens are wondering if her past visuals were one of the inspirations for aespa’s AI concept.

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It’s safe to say netizens are in love.

  • I can see why aespa has an AI concept.
  • She was so pretty that I got startled out of my seat.
  • How can past photos be this flawless?
  • Her side profile is insane.
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Ever since the new SM girl group was revealed, netizens fawned over her doll-like visuals and perfect side profile.

But it’s clear that not much has changed since Karina was a student.

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Now that’s what you call a genetic lottery jackpot.

Source: Dispatch