Netizens Allege This Leaked Picture Of BTS’s V Was Taken On BLACKPINK Jennie’s Bed

Their labels have yet to respond.

Amid rampant allegations that BTS‘s V and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie are dating, another leaked photo of V has fans rattled. On September 17, a photo of V went viral among several online communities. One of the posts has racked up 400K+ views since September 17.

“V, Jennie’s bed, cat, picture.” | Nate Pann

In the photo, V is seen lying on a bed, snuggling with a cat. Although innocent at first glance, netizens noticed the patterns on the sheets and pillow of the bed looked familiar.

V | Nate Pann

Netizens alleged that the patterns matched those of BLACKPINK Jennie’s sheets. Previously, Jennie showed off the sheets during one of her YouTube vlogs.

Jennie | Nate Pann

Other netizens alleged that the cat V was snuggling next to looked similar to Jennie’s mother’s cat. Netizens continued to lament the idol’s respective labels for not responding to the dating allegations.

  • “The degree in the severity of the leaked photos is rising. What are the labels doing? It looks as if they need to act fast…”
  • “If they keep going down this path… Sigh, I have so much to say, but I won’t.”
  • “Sigh, I really don’t know anymore. The leaks keep happening, and now I’m not curious anymore. I don’t want to know, and it doesn’t help even if I close my eyes and ears. I don’t know what to do anymore.”
  • “Wow, this is crazy. What are the labels even doing?”
  • “I never thought the day would come where I see the bed of an idol… I feel really bad for V’s fans. I hope they end up getting married. Can you imagine what would happen if they broke up?”
Source: Nate Pann